Holidays in the Spreewald

– with or without children – always worth a trip

If you want to spend your holidays in the Spreewald, you can look forward to a unique landscape and diverse activities. Be enchanted by dreamy villages and the lagoon-like wetland landscape or discover the charm of cities such as Lübbenau, Cottbus or Schlepzig.

The water labyrinth of the Spreewald, unique in Europe, consists of a dense network of almost 1,000 kilometres of watercourses. One of them is the Dolzke River, where Hopka’s Spreewald Stable with its three charming holiday apartments is located. From here you can start your discovery tour on the water straight away and explore the beautiful landscape. Canoeing in the Spreewald is one of the most popular recreational activities in the region and for many it is the only way to get home. Even today, the traditional punt is still the most popular means of transportation in the Spreewald, and even post and rubbish collection still takes place on the water in some places.


Where in the Spreewald is the most beautiful? We think – everywhere!

In many of the traditional island homesteads, which are connected by waterways, craftsmanship is still practised according to ancient custom. A piece of deceleration in a hectic world, which can be experienced particularly vividly in the Lehde open air museum (‘Freilichtmuseum’). And if you are looking for more variety, there are many charming shops, cafés and restaurants in Cottbus that invite you to stroll and linger. The municipality of Schlepzig and the town of Lübbenau with its historic town centre and quaint harbours are also worth a visit. Nearby is the idyllic Spreewald village of Lehde, where Hopka’s Spreewald Stable is located with its holiday apartments right on the water. The famous poet Theodor Fontane once described this very village as a pocket-sized lagoon city: “A Venice, as it may have been 1,500 years ago, …you cannot see anything lovelier than this Lehde, that has as many islands as it has houses.”

So welcome to our little Venice and to an unforgettable holiday in the Spreewald.