Welcome to the heart of the Spreewald and the village of Lehde.


Hopkas Spreewaldstall – the name of these holiday flats in the Spreewald should remind a little of the history and original use of this building. My grandfather Gustav Hopka (1908-1983) was the owner of this very modern cattle stable more than 100 years ago. Until 2003 cows were milked, calves were raised and the hay for the winter months was stored on the upper floor.

Today you find here after a reorganization and a change three beautiful vacation homes. The name of the individual holiday flats now reminds of the original use of these rooms: stable****, barn**** and shed****. A very important architectural feature for use as a stable has been preserved and carefully integrated into the holiday apartments. Take a look at the photos of the living room and bathroom of the holiday apartment Scheune****. The windows, which are now fixed to the floor, were necessary at that time to be able to fork the hay from the boat directly into the barn. That was just as exhausting as it sounds, but is nevertheless a concise childhood and youth memory of mine.

Today they can enjoy their breakfast idyllically directly at the Dolzke river on the terraces or start directly to extensive water hikes. Or in sufficiently cold winters for long ice skating tours. And I’ll tell you another little secret: The terrace of the Stall holiday flat is directly on the former dung heap. Yes, even the cow dung had to be brought with the barge to the fields that can only be reached by water. But don’t worry, today they don’t notice anything of it except for the fantastic location directly at the water.

I wish them good luck in their search for holiday apartments in the Spreewald and would be happy to welcome them soon in Hopkas Spreewaldstall. And another little tip: Especially the autumn and winter months have their special charm and the sauna in the holiday apartment Scheune**** offers a certain amount of wellness.

Ferienwohnungen im Spreewald - das Haus von vorn

Ferienwohnungen im Spreewald - Ansicht von der Spreeseite